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How do i create a drag and drop form?

Hi…I am trying to figure out how to collect information from users of our site by allowing them to drag and drop images or words into a selection area…rather than asking them to type, multi-select, or dropdown. Any suggestions? Anyone does this before?

I am interested in this to. I would like to tie it into a backend db that I would develop.

pretty much end user dragging and dropping elements onto a form. obviously and exported project.

Hey @tSutton and @revolution

I’m looking at creating something like this…a kind of prototype validation sprint where a user can drag an image or object off of a sidebar on the right side into the page, at least to show the concept. If it’s possible for this image to then sit on the page, that would even be better.

Check out this

I would just want this sidebar example, but in the total reverse order… drag from sidebar into main page.

I’m thinking of posting this as a little collaborativesprint inside the Forum to see if a coder / more so developer custom code implementer would want to try to mimic this in one ‘sidebar’ example in webflow…then we can make it cloneable so as to share it with the community.

Do any of you code? or know of someone? I can do all the visuals / UI / UX stuff as thats my forte / strong suit.


cc/ @cyberDave has added some links to others who were asking about this earlier … Draggable Objects