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Allow Embed Custom Code into List Item Component

Since Webflow is growing to become the de facto responsive tool of the new web. It would nice if it is more flexible and open to support and enhance designer-developer workflow. I work with Adobe Business Catalyst Platform, where it is easy for us to drop dynamic content modules/web app modules into a web page. But apparently, Webflow is sensitive to where it wants the custom code to be. Presently, Webflow won’t support inserting code into a list item, basically the

    . I think this is too limiting and inefficient because designers have to often re-edit Webflow generated code every time to insert this module.
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    I think better still Webflow requires a full source code view like rapidmoon. This will enable us to freely insert full codes into our design, if Webflow intends to take seriously designer-developer workflow collaboration.

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    (your first message misses a bunch of characters, you must have written a < sign)

    Whatever the workflow you end up with working with Webflow and other coders, if you have to edit the code every time you publish, you’re losing so much of Webflow benefits that it’s maybe not the right tool for your project.

    There are a number of ways to use to avoid being obliged to edit the code over and over.

    1. HTML element : put an HTML element with its code… even if you fully reproduce said list. That will be something you don’t need to edit every time you publish.
    2. <iframe> : dedicate a page somewhere to this difficult element and iframe it in your webflow design using an HTML element.

    As a designer Webflow is neat because I can send updates in no time. I made sure that my developers understood this. So on their side too, they never do something that’s going to edit the code, they leave it as is.

    And yes sometimes they have to put in place something not very clean or classy to deal with this. And yes we have entire pages composed of Header, footer, and an iframe in between because it was not the best way to make it in Webflow. I’m fine with all of that, because this is the only solution we know that delivers great looking, responsive and BROWSER BUG FREE (!) website for an affordable price.

    If you read the forum you’ll notice that a way to style base elements like <p> or lists may be on the way.

    Oh and there is a totally different way to work with Webflow that we are starting to explore. One WF project publishes templates, content is styled but replaced by short-codes (like [Title] ). There’s a nodeJS engine outside that is using these files as templates to push content in them. It’s a lot of fun.

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    I think that both @topelovely and @vincent make good points both, and the topic of an inline code editor has been discussed and we are looking into ways to integrate this kind of functionality to the editor. Because Webflow is primarily a WYSIWYG editor, there are considerations when giving people the ability to start editing code that also have to be accounted for in the UI. We also want to work in a way to improve this process, and your wishes in this regard are not going unnoticed.


    Yeah. Designer and Developer can now use the same tool. Perfect Marriage consummated by Webflow. Looking forward to that.