Jquery vs HTML and CSS


I’m very new to the latest coding (I’m an old HTML2 and 3 creator, so I have a lot of learning to do.) Please excuse me if this is a really dumb or scattered question.

I’m trying to put together a canvas page where items are draggable, droppable, and resizeable. I pasted my jquery code into the end of the body (in custom code,) but the script is 28,000 characters and I can only put 10,000.

Is there a way to do these things with HTML and CSS or do I need the jquery?

I also need to embed this canvas page into another page’s iframe that has the same options. So one page’s draggable items can go onto that canvas.

Sorry if I’m asking too much all at once. Really want to learn this stuff from real people, not old web pages.

Thanks much!

  • Your newbie, Tiffany

OK I think what I need might be as simple as an HTML canvas. But all of the demos I find are just drawing things. I need to be able to take a feed of images and then drag a selected one onto that canvas.

Sorry for my chicken scratch page layout. I want buttons and elements at the side of the canvas, then a scrolling list of draggable products and images in a panel under the canvas,

You can host the jQuery file remotely and point to it in your tag. This can be done on a per page basis, or globally using the project settings > custom code area.

Hope that helps!

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I figured out how to make a canvas.


How on earth do I make the infinity symbol drag into it?

Sorry- I’m sort of posting as I go.