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Can't watch tutorial videos from China as they are hosted on YouTube

Hi Webflow,

I baidu the handy website designers and found that Webflow has good reputation.

I want to use it for my web design but the tutorial videos are on YouTube.

As you know, as Chinese we can’t navigate YouTube due to China firewall. If you consider big China market, my suggestion is to load tutorial video in somewhere Chinese people can navigate.

Currently I have to discard Webflow and find out alternative solution.

China-related threads:

is there any plan to solve it? haven’t see any solution based on related article.

Vote for this here:

Hey @sunq0001, you should be able to access YouTube using a VPN service.
Otherwise, they’ll have to upload the videos directly onto YouKu I suppose!

It looks like your question has been mixed up with another one unfortunately.

Hi @samliew, sorry but this seems to have nothing to do with hosting the Webflow tutorials on YouTube?
I’d recommend putting them on or It’s fairly easy to do.

thanks Dario. just trying to ask if there is more conviencent way to watch. looks currently have no choice but use VPN.

Well the annoying thing is that it’s still going to be extremely slow to watch a video ?

If you use Chrome, then try using a VPN extention like this one:

That’s the one I use to watch videos blocked in the UK but good in Germany (for example)
Give it a try, because the rest of the world uses YouTube and it has loads of amazing content :slight_smile:

You can also try Astrill VPN, you will be able to access youtube then surely.

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