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Embedding video on webflow site for Chinese market

I’m planning a web build using webflow for a small website that will appear on iPads in retail stores in China. The requirement from the client is that it’s just a basic video player (user can choose from a number of videos to play).

My question is - as China bans the use of Google, YouTube and Vimeo how can I play videos on a site built in webflow? Can I link from a China friendly source (like or or can I directly upload my content straight to webflow?

Thank you for your help.


By not using any of those services, rather using HTML5 video that you’ll build with custom code.

No, not yet.

Depends. You won’t be able to just paste a url of a page with video like you would do with YT or Vimeo videos. But if the videos files are hosted there and you can have access to their unique URL, then you can use the urls in your custom code.

If not, then you can follow those guidelines:

  • Create your videos : you need several videos formats for html5 video, but if your use is only tablet, then most probably MP4 only is needed.
  • Host your video : on any server with ftp, or Dropbox (right click and get the direct URL, change 0 to 1 at the end of URL)
  • Create your HTML5 code (search html5 video on this forum to learn how to)
  • Put your code in Custom Code element in Webflow.

Webflow uses jQuery and other libraries from Google CDN, you will have to export and host elsewhere.

I created a wishlist item here, but nobody wants to support it


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