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Do Webflow sites work in China?


I just wanted to check if Webflow sites work in mainland China. I used a few “check if your site works in China” sites and so far they seem to say it resolves, but I can’t VPN that’ll let me see what’s actually going on on the site. Another issue is Google Fonts, all the fonts on the site my clients what to use are Google and don’t know if that’s going to be an issue either. Does anyhow know if it’ll work or whether there’s a way I can use a VPN or something to preview how it loads there?

Webflow “Designer” tool has to load under VPN.
But once it is loaded, it does not need a VPN connection to edit, switch pages, save or publish.
You will need a VPN connection to Export sites though.

Websites hosting with Webflow cannot be visited probably in China without VPN, largely because it used a CloudFront CND address to load jQuery. That’s really bad.

Yes, Google Font cannot be loaded properly in China, but you can avoid using it.

@anthonychan2509 I see Cloudfront says they have Edge locations in Mainland China, so would that not work with Webflow?

I guess not.
Webflow does not take that advantage.
I am not sure if Webflow’s business hosting with Globe CDN will leverage that or not.

Proper (and simpler) CDN for China if Webflow would consider:

For example, JsDelivr is using it:

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You don’t perhaps know of any VPN that would allow me to VPN into China so I could see what’s happening on the site?

That does not reflect the real scenario quite much.

You may search App Store, there is one called KanCN, and a lot more if you search “VPN China”.