Webflow China Accessibility

Hello everyone,

I have built my website entirely on Webflow. However, a big part of my clients are based in mainland China. I have already hosted it through Webflow too, however it takes over a minute for it to open when accessing it from mainland China. Webflow is obviously no problem with their sites in China, but I hope we all agree that this is not an ideal solution.

I have tried to separately download it and host it through Amazon (Hong Kong server), however the speed seems the same when uploading the same code to Amazon Hong Kong. I imagine it is slow because of some code that is there from Webflow. I tried to delete the AJAX lines from the code, however when doing that the project throws an error and won’t be hosted on Amazon successfully. On the other hand, this is not ideal either as I will have to host it on Amazon and also paying for Webflow to be able to download export it whenever I update the website.

I would really appreciate if someone could help with regards with how I would go about it? I am happy to host it on Amazon HK but what do I need to remove from the exported project in order to successfully host it there?

Thank you!

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