Can't sort collection items that reference themselves

Just ran into bit of a snag and wondering if anyone has any suggestions.


I have a collection called “Services”. It lists all the services a plumbing company offers. Some of the services are related to each other. For example. “Bathroom Plumbing Renovations”, “Kitchen Plumbing Renovations”, and “Basement Plumbing Renovations” are all related to the service “Plumbing Renovations”.

In the “Services” collection, I’ve added a multi-reference field that references itself (it references the service collection within the service collection). This way I can group related services together.

The Problem

I have a section on the Services Template page called Related services. It’s a collection list that displays all the related services of the current service. Example - on the “Plumbing Renovations” page, it displays “Bathroom Plumbing Renovations”, “Kitchen Plumbing Renovations”, etc… This collection list appears to function the same as any other collection list except it does not have the option to sort the collection items.

I’m aware that…

I know I could create a separate collection called something like “Sub-Services” and link those collection items to the “Services” collection, but that approach complicates things based on how I have the site setup.

Any ideas?

If you have any ideas or suggestions on workarounds to sort collection items that are referencing themselves, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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