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How to sort a collection list by Reference field?

How can a collection list be sorted by one of its reference fields?
This is not about FILTER. It is about SORT.
This is not about multi-ref. It is about single ref. field.

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Agreed. This should be possible and for some reason isn’t. Yes, it’s about SORTING, not filtering.

I have a list of construction projects that have a tenant. We have a short list of tenants entered by reference. I need to be able to sort a collection list by those tenants.

I can’t see why this isn’t possible.

What about sorting is not working for you. Did you follow the guidance in the university?

Edit: I have never needed this and assumed it existed. It doesn’t.

Workaround: So I think only way you could pull this off without custom code is add a redundant text field to your collection with the text value of your reference field. Just make sure that it is all lowercase since Webflow sort is case sensitive. Then you have a sortable value.