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Cant set Multiple Rest of World shipping options

URGENT - missing sales !
I cant set more than one rest of world shipping option.
I created fixed price per item options to specific continent groups for my heavy product.
Then I did a rest of world option for the remainder
I want to set another fixed price option per shipment for my small product but it seems the countries are all used up - I cant create any more shipping options.
When user goes to buy there is only one option displayed against my products in the common countries and its the expensive option - they arent buying !

So I asked Webflow for help - told this functionality wasn’t available.
Then I found you can add Multiple Shipping methods for products !!
So I added a cheaper shipping options, now the sales are resuming. (Dont know why Support didn’t share that with me.)

Hi SimonSolar2C, how did you set multiple shipping method for products??

You know how it brings up a list of countries for you to enter the cost for each. Well back up from that. I think there is a + symbol to add a whole new shipping option then can go through each country again. Customer gets to select which shipping option.

You can see it working on m page

Thank you! Got to go live tomorrow so getting a bit tense!