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Shipping to UK MAINLAND only


Is there a way to set the shipping in the UK to ‘mainland’ only? A client wants to exclude the channel islands.

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Hey there, can anybody help me with this please?

Seems to be a limitation for now, but I think you can add a shipping method, one for mainland and one for the Viking hangouts. Doesn’t prevent ordering from those regions though.

Hey @HammerOz!

Thanks so much for getting back to me. I just tried to create a separate shipping method for the ‘Viking Hangouts’ :laughing:, but I don’t see the option to do so. Can you explain further please?

Thank you!

Read up here. So within the shipping zone you can add a wide range of shipping methods. you would add 2 or more. 1 Mainland with a mainland rate & one for the isles. So while this enables you to create a rate for the isles it won’t prevent them from buying, so best to figure a worst case rate.

Thanks for this @HammerOz

This allows me to create two different shipping prices, but it doesn’t allow me to input the ‘mainland’ vs ‘isles’ category. How will Webflow know to charge more when it comes to shipping it to the Channel Islands? Or am I missing something?

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I think it does allow this by naming the shipping methods accordingly.

did you ever get anywhere with this? I need to add northern Ireland as a separate destination to the rest of the UK as shipping from Ireland to Northern Ireland is a lot cheaper than over to the uk?