Can't paste text into project

I can’t paste text from clipboard into project. This gives several console errors:

Also when refreshing the designer…


Hi @ElviraNL

I’ve opened a new project and tried to reproduce the error, but copy paste is working for me.
To help identify the issue and be able to reproduce the error, could you let us know a few more things:

  • Where the text is copied from (a particular program, or are you copying text from one project to another?)
  • What type of element you’re trying to paste into, Heading, text, Rich text etc.
  • Has the text definitely been copied to the clipboard i.e you can paste it elsewhere other than Webflow (I’m sure it has, just ruling out possibilities :slight_smile: )
  • Add a screenshot, recording if possible please :pray: Loom is a free screen recording tool.

I’m at my commputer for the day now so I’ll keep an eye open for your reply.

Hi Mark,

I had tried Google Docs, Notepad, and several other text editors.
I noticed it started working again. However it did took quite some time to work again…

I tried pasting it into a text block, text hast been copied in clipboard, since I could paste it into other editors. Will let you know if it happens again.

I noticed it started working again

Glad it’s working, whatever it was that was causing it :smiley: We haven’t pushed any updates today so I’m not sure that’s a Webflow thing in this case, but please keep us posted if you do see it again.

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