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Can't edit any element

Hi all,

I have a really frustrating bug, which makes me unable to edit anything:
(view my loom video: loom link)

I have encountered this bug multiple times in the past few days, this mostly happens when I want to edit text. Hovering over elements gives me the blue lines, but when I’m clicking on the element nothing happens.

Here is my
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I’m using Google Chrome 71.0.3578.98.

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Hi @ElviraNL,

Thanks for contacting us about being unable to edit your content, as this definitely sounds like odd behavior.

I tried reproducing this behavior on my, end but was unable to as you may note in the following short screencapture:

Can you please try the following:

(1) Try to reproduce the error while being logged into Webflow using Incognito mode with browser extensions turned off:

(2) If the problem persists, please take a screenshot of your Console and send it to me:

Thanks in advance

Hello @ElviraNL

No problems here >

Piter :webflow_heart:\

@mistercreate Thanks for the quick response. My husband had the same bug on his account a week ago. Using the same browser, but different projects etc. I can’t seem to reproduce the problem because it seems to be random. I’ll try to look in the console when I have the bug again and figure out if there is some kind of javascript error.

I was curious if other people have the same issue.

@PiterDimitrov Thanks for checking. The bug does go away when refreshing or relogging… But it is kind of annoying, because it takes a while to think “oh this is bugged”. I’ll look into console when I encounter the bug again.

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Hi @ElviraNL,

Thanks for the additional details. Hmm, that does sound odd.

This may be occurring due to browser extensions interfering with the Designer.

Attempting to use Incognito mode sounds like it should remedy the issue.

Please, feel free to let us know if you encounter while using Incognito mode, and if any console errors are provided.

Thanks so much :bowing_man: as it helps while we dig into it for you.

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