Search using Mixitup + CMS 100+ items


I’m binding 191 items to a page from the CMS and running a search using Mixitup.

My problem is Webflow only allows 100 items to be pulled in per page. If I paginate the pages the search function only returns results from the first page. Is there any way to search the 191 items from one place?

Many thanks


Hi @Meteorites,

At this time I do not believe you are able to pull in more than 100 items into a single page.

Now you could get away with it by adding an additional collection to that page, keep in mind tho that you are restricted to 20 cms collections per page too.

Hi @QA_Brandon,

Thanks for getting back with your tip. There’s also another way I have discovered from @sabanna which also works to combine items.

Many thanks


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