New to webflow, Cant make collection wrappers link as a whole to a page

Hello, I am new to webflow, I bought a theme and I am trying to style this theme according to my brand look. the theme has already collection wrappers reading from the CMS, but the problem is I can’t make the whole collection card clickable and linking to other page - only the circled text block is linking to other page. For good UX design I would like to have all the cards in my website clickable and not only a text inside them. Can anyone help with how can i do that?

Here is my public share link: (Webflow - Explorer)

They’ve set this up a bit strangely imo, and you’re right; the full card is better UX design.

Here’s one way of making it work:

Change the ‘Card category’ position to “relative” (shown in the right hand side panel)

Add a new link block within ‘Card Category’, and make the position of that ‘Absolute’ and click the furthest little full white square underneath to make it take up the full size of it’s parent item (you need the ‘Card Category’ to be set to relative to make this happen correctly)

Link that new link block to the ‘Current Community’ page

That should work :slight_smile:

On the canvas, when the element is selected, you can also right click it to access options like link block → div or div → link block. Makes some of these changes easy.

You cannot have a link within a link so your first job is to remove that inner link and change it to a plain text element, before you make/convert your card-sized link.

That’s always a useful trick when you realise you’ve chosen the wrong div/link block :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, you can’t wrap a list item in a div or link block, so that won’t work in this particular case (the styling has been done to the list item, as opposed to the elements within).

Thank You so much!! that helped a lot

I would like to ask you one more question please, there are some items that are not showing in the editor, like the tabs inside a component when they open, or the map cards when I hover over them while they show only in the preview mode. Their visibility in the settings is set to visible! where can i find those items to edit their styling?

Thank you so much this also helped for different blocks !

No worries…although your next question, i don’t understand sorry. Any screen shots/links/page names??

Thank you so much, I already solved this issue, obviously they were hidden from another location