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Google Analytics Verification Not Working

I can’t seem to get my google analytics account verified.

What am I doing wrong?

see screen shot

I’ve saved and publish but get a 404 when trying to verify.

I have not yet activated domain hosting on this account here at webflow yet. does this make a difference?


That does make a difference if you’re trying to verify that domain.

So I have to transfer the domain to webflow first? OK. good to know. am I keying in the right codes in the right area? If you look at the website itself, pasting the google code creates text at the top of the site which I don’t want. How to get rid of this?


Nope you’re not :confused: you have to grab the HTML tag from Google via the Alternate Methods tab. You do not have to add anything to your website page. More on this here.

Thank for the tip,

I tried the new code under alternate methods, but still can’t get it verified.

see png

Did you get the domain on webflow? You need to do that