Can't find published pages within the list of pages in the Designer

I have blank pages that I need to remove/edit but I can’t seem to find them within the designer list of pages.

I have a page like this:, and apparently there are and existing and published and indexed, however, I can’t seem to find it.

There is a Locations tab in the list of pages, but it’s an individual page (rather than a folder).


Due to privacy issues, I can’t share the website, but any insight would definitely help!

Hi Steph, check to see if you have a CMS collection that’s generating the /location/... pages.
That would be my guess.

Hi memetican! Thanks for the time! Indeed, I saw a Locations Template in the CMS collections. But I can’t find where the pages are:

Will deleting this CMS collection affect the main page? That would be okay because I’m planning to build a totally new bunch of type URLs that are static.


Just to be clearer:

Q1: Where are (and where can I edit) the pages using this CMS collection
Q2: Will deleting the CMS collection affect the main Location page and/or delete the pages that use this CMS collection?

Fairly new to Webflow and just starting the courses but I’m not a developer, so this is all very helpful!

They are generated by Webflow from the CMS collection items, published using your CMS template page.

No, if you have a page at /location it would be a static page. CMS pages are always beneath the CMS collection slug e.g. /blog/my-article

Yes you can go with static pages instead but often that adds work, depends on your design needs.

The data is in the collection, click on the database icon in the left bar.
The template is a template page, you’ll find that in a special section in your pages navigation.
The Webflow University is where you’ll find the resources to understand all of this, they’re important things to familiarize yourself with.

Not the main /location static page, if that exists, but yes all of your /location/... collection pages would be deleted.

This is all very helpful! I think I’ve found where the pages are all housed! Will be deleting these. Thanks for your time on this one!