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Sitemap - useless URL's and CSM collections pages

A time ago I had to create a new static webpage. So I started building and after half an hour I realized I was working on the wrong page. Instead of creating a new static page I was building on the CMS collection page of the CMS I created.
When I realized that I already had created a menu, header + heading, an empty section + a container.

OK, nothing overboard. So I created a static page and copied all the stuff from the CMS collection page to this static page. So far so good.

What I forgot to do was to delete all the items I had created on this CMS collection page. So what, you will ask?

In a SEO audit that I conducted afterwards I saw suddenly a lot of pages whiteout an internal link. When I checked this out I found that the sitemap.xml contained a lot of these links;

So what happened?

Because I forgot to remove the things I created on the CMS collection page, Webflow created a link in the sitemap.xml for every list item in this CMS.
So I removed all items from the CMS collection page and published the site. In Result, the links in the sitemap were gone.

So if you don’t want any of these useless auto generated URL’s in your website sitemap, make sure your CMS collection pages are empty!