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Can't filter dynamic list with a reference field

I’m trying to create filtered tabs, using filter on a dynamic list, just like this example.

When I created the collection, i put a reference field for Category (another collection):

However, when i want to filter the list using this field, it doesn’t even show under the “Add Filter” drop down:

I can work around that problem by just adding a simple text field and put in the category manually (instead of referencing to other collection) but that just seem not the right way to do stuff.

Here is my public link


Hi @Orimanor,

I checked your public link and it shows reference field in the filter to me. Just scroll thal list of fields down, Reference field will be shown separately.


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Ahh…great, Thanks :grinning:
Didn’t see the scrolling…

I had the same problem, but luckily I found the answer. Perhaps the UI scroller is not that obvious and needs some more attention from the designer.