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Dynamic list - Filter not showing

Hi All,

I have a small problem with dynamic lists. I have two lists, each fetching data from 2 collections (products & related products). For me, that is the only difference between to two dynamic lists. However, I want to add a filter to the related product dynamic list and it seems like I cant. The option to add a filter isn’t on the menu.

Any ideas why it isn’t on the related product dynamic list & not on the product list?

Please see the images below.


Hi @matt041105,

Could you point us, which page you have a dynamic list that doesn’t show filtering settings?



Its in the Product template page. The related products section is towards the bottom of the page. I hope this helps? Apologies I didnt put this before.


Ok, it is what I was guessing about.
“Related products” is a multireference field, which generates “temporary” collection. And Multireference doesn’t have filtering function, unfortunately.

If the list of your related products is just products from the same category, you can use collection “Products” instead and filter it by a certain category.


Thanks @sabanna for that, very helpful.

I am now having other troubles though… Below you can see i have assigned 2 products to the ’ Related Product 1 field and Related Product 2 field. I have only done this the WCA product (top of the product list in the CMS). However the data is being populated through every single product.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can stop this? Obviously I only want the products I choose to appear when I want them to appear.

Again, apologies for the poor explanation, this is very difficult to describe via a keyboard!

Well… maybe it makes sense to add switch field “Featured product” (or “Use like related product”) in the item structure? Then you could use Condition Visibility for that collection and set it show only items where switch field is set to “ON”.


Thanks for the reply!

The thing is, whatever products I choose as the related products in WCA (1st product), it seems to override anyother ones i select in other products… See below.

1st Product (WCA)

2nd Product (Luxury Wash Basin)

2nd Product Page (You will see that the related products visible below are those choosen in the Product 1.


Can I ask, @PixelGeek, @vincent & @cyberdave?

Hi @matt041105,

To me all related products show correctly. Or maybe I didn’t understand what you mean :confused: