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Can't figure it out with the new toolbar?

Now the old toolbar has disappeared, and now you can only use the new toolbar - and now I can’t figure it out at all? Is there no tutorial with the new toolbar ??

It took me a bit to get used to it as well, but most things are pretty intuitive once you familiarize yourself with it. Is there any specific function that you are having trouble finding?

It would be very nice, if we had a picture of the old one and it functions, and the the new one with the functions, so we could find out to work with it. I have only worked with the old one.

Does Webflow have no video tutorial of the new toolbar??

Checkout the discussion in the forum :

Checkout the blog article mentioning all the new changes :

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Thank you so much, !

But I don’t like the new toolbar

I know there’s a small learning curve but trust me this is so better.

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OK. I have to trust you :heart_eyes:

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