We’re making some changes to the style panel

Hi friends,

If you opened the Designer today, you might have noticed a little toggle at the top of the all-important style panel, along with a message that reads:

The style panel has a new look and some new features. Give it a try before it goes live for everyone. (And switch back when you need to during the beta.)

“So,” you ask, “what’s the deal?” Well, here’s the deal:

We’ve been working on a refreshed version of the style panel for some time now, and after months of using it internally, we’re rolling the change out for everyone using Webflow — first in beta behind a toggle, and then to everyone after Wednesday, February 13th.

The new style panel will be available in beta under a toggle switch for a month, then will become the standard for everyone after Wednesday, February 13th.

During the beta, you’ll be able to switch between the old and the new style panel as much as you’d like. (The Designer will also remember which version you’ve been using, so you won’t need to switch around once you’re used to the new one.)

At the end of the month in beta, we’ll make a permanent switch and have this new style panel be the norm for everyone using Webflow.

For a full look at everything that’s changing, check out our blog post about all the updates.


Kudos for your milestone Linda, so much work and efforts put on this refresh.


For feedback, please use this thread:


Hey all - just a heads up that we’ll be officially phasing out the old style panel next week on Tuesday, March 19th. We’ve taken an additional month beyond our original release plan to address concerns, make adjustments, and fix bugs — so again, a sincere thanks to everyone who provided feedback!

For more background on why we’re making this change, check out our original announcement post from January.



I presse the switch beta version button on the top left and the panel is now floatting (this is
a little annoying).
I just would like to know how to return to that beta version please ?

I am not sure 100% what you mean but perhaps you are looking for this button.

It is to the right of the “Navigator” sign.