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Can't edit meta data field after launching website

new website launched yesterday and I need to make some tweaks to Meta Descriptions today.
I was given permission to edit the site by the designer and was able to input the original SEO fields but I can’t edit this field - the ‘Meta Description’ field has a blue key line when I hover over it but when I try to input but I can’t type. Also the same for ‘Hover Description’. All other fields are editable.
Any ideas?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @MAX3, were you given full access as a designer or limited permissions collaborator? That could be a reason why you are not able to edit it.

I have multiple published websites and I am able to edit their meta description (Checked while writing this). It could possibly be a bug, so maybe try using Webflow in incognito mode to see if the issue persists. If it does, try making sure you have the full permission/right permission to do the edits.

Many thanks for the reply imtiazraqib.
Tried incognito - no joy. Have asked the designer about permissions.

In the meantime I found this reply on the forum from 2018 to this question (I will investigate):

‘Can a collaborator access the Designer page?’
from matthewpmunger Webflow Staff May 18

"Add the SEO Specialist as a collaborator on the site. They’ll have access to all of the SEO, Open Graph, and Site Search settings for each page. This also gives them the ability to edit text directly on the site for SEO and keyword optimization.

To my knowledge the only limitation is that those settings on Collections must be set in the Designer. This is likely due to the dynamic data that is available to use in the settings. However if the collection uses a plain text field to collect the SEO description, then the specialist can adjust each items SEO in the editor that way. They just can’t edit the template for the SEO without the designer."