Meta info access on static pages for CMS Editors

Hey there,

I have two sites for a client, each with CMS Editor access, and to be able to add keywords to any dynamic pages, all I had to do was add a field for them in the CMS template and use that field in the custom Header code for said pages.

But the client wants to be able to add and edit keywords on the static pages also (home, about, contact, etc) which oddly enough they cannot do.

I understand that giving the client access to the header and footer custom code areas is blocked for a reason, but why can I not create some kind of field access which allows them to add words in, which are then dropped in to the header code (inside a meta tag, just like on a dynamic page)?

META keywords doesn’t actually appear to be used by Google because the signal/noise ratio is much too low. But, note the 2009 date. More recently, SEM Rush indicates ( 2020 ) that META keywords have no value in SEO.

Either way, Webflow doesn’t have a keywords fields available in the designer or the editor- though both the designer and editor can edit static page titles and descriptions.

I have my clients craft those keywords elegantly into the titles and descriptions instead- much more relevant, and visible to users in the SERPs.