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Cannot delete unused styles

Hi Folks,

I am trying to export an individual page that was once part of a larger, multi-page site. My goal is to strip out any unneeded css and just get what is needed for the one page.

In order to just export the styles related to this one page I have:

  1. Made a duplicate of the existing site
  2. Deleted all other pages except desired page
  3. Clicked “Clean Up Styles”

It displays “None” under “The following styles are not associated with any page elements:” However, I can see MANY styles that were created for other pages that have nothing to do with the remaining page elements.

Any thoughts here? Not sure if this is a bug or a known issue?



Just tested this on one of my sites and it seems to have worked.
Do you mind posting your share link?

Thanks! Here’s the share link.

Hi @Jfly, Do mind sending us an email to and we can investigate this further with you ? Thanks a lot for your help. Cheers, Dave

Thanks for the suggestion, Dave - will do!

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