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Enhanced Staging plan? Getting around two page maximum

I plan on using Webflow to design my site, and then export it so I can edit and host independently. I have no plans for hosting on Webflow. When editing, I want to be able to create more than two static pages, but I am unable to do so with the free plan. I’ve read about an Enhanced Staging plan where I can code export and create up to 100 pages. Is there a way for me to exceed the 2 page limit without having to buy both an account plan and a site plan?

Edit: Enhanced staging comes with the Lite account plan! Gives you 100 static pages in a free preview.

Howdy @DevNate, welcome to the community :wave:

In order to export any projects to host externally, you’ll need to be on a paid Account plan but this will unlock the enhanced staging so you’ll be able to create up to 100 pages on any of your staging sites:

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you’ve got any other questions.