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Webflow pricing for a 5-page static website

Hi, I’m new to Webflow(pricing is very confusing!) and my first client requires a 5-page static website. She currently has her current website hosted with another service and wants her website re-designed in Webflow. What is the best way to get started with this?
I assume based on the pricing that a 5-page static website cannot be created unless you pay for basic hosting. Is that correct? How do I speak to the client about this? Will she have to pay for both her existing website and the Webflow hosting until I complete designing her website in Webflow?
Are there any other easier ways to do this without having to pay so much? Also, does having an account plan, give me the ability to create a 5-page static website, or is it just the site plan that unlocks more pages?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Unless you have a paid Account plan, you’re limited to 2 static pages within the staging site ( before adding a domain.

If you happen to start with a template that includes more than 2 static pages, which most do, you can get around this limit—however you won’t be able to add any additional pages in the Designer until you add a Site plan (assuming your not on a paid Account plan). Another option is including each different page as a section contained on the same base page, however I’d imagine this isn’t as ideal for the client.

For such simple sites it may benefit the client to consider hosting outside of Webflow (Netlify offers a free tier that’s pretty good and easy to setup) however keep in mind this won’t include the ability to have CMS or Ecommerce features as they require Webflow Hosting to function.

Thanks Mike! This helps a lot!

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