Does Account Plan include more static pages?

Do I need to get a Site Plan separately to support more static pages? I’m currently using a free plan. Only recently did I realize I had to buy a site plan to add more pages. Since I’m a student, I’m not sure if that is a worthwhile investment.

Also, If I cancel my site plan after adding a few static pages, do they stay or will I have to keep the plan to keep the pages? If that is possible, I’d like to pay for a month of the site plan, add the pages and later on cancel, while still hosting on Webflow.

The free account is limited to 2 static pages and two projects. It’s enough to play around and even built a single page website.

Depending on what you want to do (working on unhosted projects and/ or host a website), you will need either an account plan or a hosting plan (or both) to continue. Both do come with more static pages for one website (hosted plans) or for your projects (account plans). Check the pricing lists and details here:

The question on what happens when you cancel your plan with more than two pages has been answered by webflow staff right here:

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for the response!

The thread responds to what happens when an account plan is cancelled and not site plans. Also, the account plan does not mention anything about extra static pages being supported. I’d like more clarification with regard to that.

You are right about the topic, I’ve linked. Sorry about that.

I don’t know how a cancelled site plan behaves. It says “Canceling your site plan will downgrade the plan to the Staging plan.” on webflow university, no word about the pages though. Hopefully someone else can help you here. It might be worth asking the official support.

For the account plan, however, it is stated on the plans & pricing page:

I guess that’s a 100 static pages for each of the 10 available project slots on the Lite Account Plan.

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