Can't add a Webhook in Intergrations

Can’t add a Webhook in Intergrations
Here is the problem with a video

I have a Webflow form and an Airtable base. I am trying to send the data from the Webflow form to Airtable.

I use the Automation in Airtable to set up a ‘When webhook received’
I copy the Airtable URL that is created for testing
I try to add this Webhook URL under Integrations » Add Webhook

I just get the spinning icon in Webflow and then defaults back to the Integrations page without the Webhook added.

I have matched the form fields in Webflow correctly so wondering why this is not working (or failing and not telling me why).

Would anyone be able to tell me the best way to diagnose why Webflow is not adding the Webhook URL?


Video demo

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I’m experiencing a similar problem.

I was able to add a webhook integration through but after discontinuing that integration Im no longer able to remove the webhook or add another webhook - I am met with the same endless loading animation.

Did you find a workaround to this?

Not yet - anyone else can help us?

Must be a new bug introduced. Ive contacted support, Ill add any useful information here as I find it.

I just checked and it looks to be resolved on my end - give it a try now?

Try adding that url to the form’s “action” field instead and submit the form.

That can either solve your problem or help you figure out the problem.

That won’t work Chris but thanks for offering the info.