Webflow webhook: Airtable

Hi there!

I need a help in integration the Webflow with Airtable based on webflow forms and webhooks. It works correctly and all things are good, BUT what happens if the webflow form table will be filled up? Will airtable webhook work properly?
It seems like Airtable won’t take any submissions because the webflow will contain all data (For example, 1000/1000 ).

Can you give an answer, please?
Thank you!

I use this integration: https://hackernoon.com/how-to-instantly-send-webflow-form-submissions-to-the-cms

Hi there :wave:

If i’m understanding your question, the answer is your Webhook should continue working properly.

You can add Webhook URLs into any native Webflow forms action field. When you do this, you bypass the internal Webflow feature that collects those form submissions (and imposes limits upon them).

So (in theory) you could submit as many native Webflow forms as you like to Airtable without issue.

Sounds great! Thank you!