Can't accept invite to Guest access

Hi All,

A customer of ours has a webflow website we didn’t design for them but they want us to edit it. So I got them to send me a “agency/freelancer” invite link so I can make some changes. Well, the invite came and the “accept” button is greyed out and it says we need to buy another workspace to get access. Showing our paid workspace below the greyed out invite button.

We already have a paid workspace with only 2 of 3 seats taken. We have over 20 sites hosted with webflow on our workspace, so why does webflow want me to buy another workspace to edit our customers website when even the invite section says clearly “invite guests to edit for FREE”

The only thing I can think of is they invited 2 others already? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Make sure they sent the invite to the email address you’re actually logging in with.
If they send it to an alias or a different email account that doesn’t match it won’t work.

Once it does work, you should be able to see the invite on your Workspaces screen as well.

Hey, ya it is the same e-mail…

Apologies, I didn’t read your whole message-
This error I’d expect to see if your own workspace is not a Freelancer or Agency workspace.

When these came online I switched our workspace from Core to Agency, and no problems accepting invites.

Yea, we are on the core workspace. I wonder if this is some sort of bug? In the core workspace it says this functionality should work.

No, only Freelancer and Agency workspaces can be invited as guests- that message is actually being very specifically correct.

Where are you seeing that? My guess is it’s probably some confusing wording around the fact that you can invite other Freelancer and Agency guests into your Core account… not that you’re Core account can be invited into other workspaces.

I’m not certain why Webflow chose to differentiate these, but it looks like they’re seeking to evolve the client types and capabilities down unique paths… caproate clients have one set of options, agencies and freelancers have another set of options…

To clarify, if a client has a site plan (e.g. basic) and invites me as a guest, I need to have a Freelancer or Agency plan to accept the invite, correct?

Don’t confuse workspace guests with content editors, they’re different things with different capabilities, and a different invite process.

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