Can not join in on workspace after accepting invitation

Hello. I am a student in Norway and we are currently working with webflow. We have used the starter plan until now. Our teacher was able to create a workspace that every student in the class was invited to, but somehow, only a handful of people have access. When I try to accept the invitation recieved via email, i get taken to the “workspaces” tab in webflow but nothing more is happening other that me being able to se my own workspace. I have searched the forums for a solution but none of the topics with this issue has any answers.

Can anyone help me?

I am currently experiencing the same issue. Did you happen to figure out a solution to this?

I have the same problem here. My client invited me and I’m still in the starter plan but I still can’t accept my client invitation. The notification says I need to upgrade to freelancer plan but when I want to upgrade my payment is always declined and I don’t know what to do.

The invitation feature is designed to invite agencies and freelancers. You’ll need one of those account types in order to accept a Workspace invite.

Customers on any of our Workspace plans can invite an Agency or Freelancer Guest from the Member tab of the Webflow Dashboard.

Join your client’s Workspace for free as a guest | Webflow Features.

@morbtale in your case sounds like a credit card issue. I’ve heard of CC’s from certain countries having issue, due to rejection by the bank - most likely it’s tripping the fraud risk algorithms.

If you must there are online credit cards accounts that you can create for that purpose. Google is your friend.