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If a client has the basic site plan. I’m able to join their workspace because I have a freelancer workspace, on the pricing plan page, it says only 1 site editor for the basic plan. So does that mean I can only update clients’ websites if they have a pro plan? Thanks.

Site editors have access to one specific site, through the editor interface only. That’s unrelated to the designer and workspaces. The number of site editors you can have on a site is determined by that site’s hosting plan.

Workspace guests have access to the entire workspace, all sites. and full design privileges. The number of guests you can have depends on the workspace plans that the inviting workspace has, and that the invited guest has.

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Thank you for replying. Just so I can fully understand, my current situation is that my client published a site with the basic plan. If I have the freelancer workspace I can join their free workspace and edit the site through the designer and editor?

I haven’t tried that particular configuration, but you should have a look at the docs;

Agency or Freelancer Guest role | Webflow University.

From what I’m reading, neither of you need to be on a paid workspace plan for guest invites to work.

To be a Guest within a Workspace — whether that Workspace is free or paid — you’ll need to be on a paid Freelancer or Agency plan.

That’s correct. If your client invites you to be a Guest, you’ll have access to the Designer or Editor for any project in their account :+1:


Thank you for your reply. So the “content editors” can only use the editor for that specific site, but if I join their workspace I can edit all of their sites even if it’s the basic plan which only allows 1 content editor?

That’s what I thought as well, but check this out-

I suspect that’s misworded.

Yep, that’s correct :+1:

@memetican: I’d imagine the screenshot you posted is referencing paid plan seats (non-guests that have access to the Workspace). Paid accounts can always add someone to their Workspace — even if they’re on a free plan — if their willing to pay for an additional seat.

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