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Cannot see required & non-required fields(and radio button selection ) from form in form settings

Hello Webflow,

I have a form with some textboxes, radiobuttons and text area. when i submit the form I don’t see the data entered in forms settings, but i see all the info in email. Some fields are mandatory and some are optional.

I used to get all the details before. But i recently added more fields and since from then i cannot get this information in my forms settings.

Please help!

Share a preview link to your site please :slight_smile:

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@Scott_Van_Zandt, @samliew . . .

my form is on “GetAmber” page.


You will have to delete all existing form data first, as there will be “new” columns for each field.

Tested. You cannot have different forms with different field names or number of fields.

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@samliew . . . thanks . it worked.

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