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Unable to see form data on submission! HELP!

I have the form settings on my project setting but from submission showing no content in my email.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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hi @Matthews_Tech the link is not showing the website!

But I recommend this checklist.

  1. Check your form setting for ā€œ,ā€ or misspelled words in the email for the form.

  2. Change the name of the form.

  3. Make sure your form has the action set to GET and not POST.

  4. Make sure there is no additional code, interrupting the default code from Webflow.

  5. Create a new form, test it and review. If the new form goes in perfectly, thereā€™s a configuration in the old one preventing you to get the content. If not, go to step 1.

Thanks man. I will try that.