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Unable to save changes in forms settings

hello . . . I am not able to save my changes made in forms settings in webflow.

Hi @web_crazy, thanks for the post, could you provide some additional information about the forms settings issue?

Information such as read-only link helps:

What setting in Forms are you trying to change?
What page is the form on?
What browser is being used and what operating system?
Could you send a screenshot?

I would also recommend to take a peek at the bug reporting page and check if any of the steps there help to resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance.

hello @cyberdave . . . i am trying to add From Name to my forms settings. Save Changes button is not enabled after any change i do in my forms settings.

form is on Get Amber Page.
i am using Google Chrome and windows 8.1
also, how to send simple automatic reply to emails that i get through my webflow form??? please HELP.

Hi @web_crazy

The preview link isn’t working. Can you please make sure that the Share link is on (

About the form Auto-responder, at the moment we do not have auto-responders in Webflow. You can use another service like Mailchimp which does support auto-responders.

@AnnaKelian . . . is it like i cannot use webflow forms for free and i have to get paid hosting plan from webflow for this? right now i am using webflows free hosting.


If you’re on the Starter plan you get 10 form submissions per month. On paid Designer plans you get up to 50 form submissions per month. To get more form submissions you will need to add hosting. Basic Hosting comes with 500 form submissions. You can check more here:

​Hope this is helpful.

By the way, did you solve the issue with the Form names?

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