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Cannot Remove Combo Classes


Now I have a combo selector. Which reads in CSS like

.parent.first-child.grand-child.element.element-select {
/*other styles*/

Now, I want to remove all parent styles and to make like this.

.element-select {
/*other styles*/

In Webflow, Only Rename Option is available, No Delete Option for Parent Selector incase of Combo Classes.

The only way is to remove it completely and rewrite it. Its a real pain.

PS: This is common on any Webflow Pages, so Read-only link is not required to test.

##Please Fix this.


Hey @surjithctly as far as i know this is not a bug and functions this way because each sub class you enter after the parent is linked to or attached directly with that parent. I can imagine if you regularly need to remove parent classes for sub class this can be little time consuming.

I preview link would help though just to make sure there’s not something i’m missing and i understand you correctly.

Thanks for your reply @tim

I’ve got a case, where I need to remove the parent.

When I’m deleting the parent form the subclass, I’m sure there’s no bad effect to the original parent classes.

I’m just removing it. See the above code. There’s nothing wrong if we removed it.


Hi @surjithctly

You cannot remove parent classes without removing first the combo class.

Hope this clears up any confusions :smiley:

@PixelGeek Means, I need to remove parent class first? so that I can remove it from combo class?

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