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CANNOT Select 'Phone Breakpoint' Parent Class to Edit Combo-Class

Hi there,

Is anyone else not able to edit the parent of a combo-class?

Here’s an image of what I am faced with. Is there a limit to how many options can show up in the selector?


If this is intentional how can I work around it? I wouldn’t have thought that editing a combo class’ parent would be difficult (on breakpoints other than Desktop).

I have experienced some classes that are able to be edited on Desktop and Tablet but still not Mobile landscape or portrait.

EDIT: I just realised that the problem is with Section classes. The heading class that I have is also a combo class and I can edit that from Desktop all the way through to mobile portrait.

To repeat myself, this is a PROBLEM with SECTION COMBO CLASSES.

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@PixelGeek @Waldo @Brando @rileyrichter do you guys have any thoughts on this? I didnt want to guess on the answer.

Hi @Kalan

Thanks for posting, and thanks for pinging us @WebDev_Brandon

This is a known limitation with the Webflow style panel. The team agrees this would be a great feature to have as it would make styling for lower breakpoints much simpler!

We have an open Wishlist item and an internal enhancement request open to get this built out, although I can’t say for sure when we’ll have this feature available.

For now, feel free to vote and comment on this item here:

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Hey @Kalan

What I usually do is removing the combo class > styling the parent > adding the combo again.

Piter :webflow_heart:

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Or +1 for having a style guide doc and a section for combo class parents that you can see and style for sitewide changes.


@webdev is right. Having a style guide is the best.

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