Remove Base Class without removing Combo Classes


I’m totally new here on webflow developing. I’m testing it to see if the company where I work will start to use it more often.

So, while making my tests with the platform, I realize that I can only remove classes from an element from the last class to the first.

But think about the following example scenario for a second:

  • I have five elements with the base class Base-1 (which give them the same behavior).
  • All the five elements have their own different combo classes.
  • But, at some point, I realize I don’t need anymore to give the Base-1 class’ behavior to the 4th element.
  • The 4th element has the following classes: .Base-1 .4thEle .Flex-Ele .Spacing-Adjust, and now I want to remove the .Base-1 class.

The only way I’m seeing to remove the base class is to remove all the other combo classes first.

So, my problem is… does webflow allow me to change the order of my classes or to remove the classes in any order except for .Spacing-Adjust, then .Flex-Ele, then .4thEle, then .Base-1 ?

Thank you.

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Hi @TheQuaxDude,

  1. Just click on the top “Inheriting selector” button, top right in Styles panel.
  2. In the list find the one above your combo class, it should be the parent element class.
  3. After clicking it, you can change anything.
  4. Then click “Back” arrow in top left.

It took me a while to find this little gem! :slight_smile:


This would work if what I needed is to modify the base class properties, but I don’t wanna do that, cause I still want the other four remaining elements have the base class as it be.

I tried to click the base class following your steps, and then I was able to remove it… but, when I did, webflow removed all the other classes from the element. like if I was removing one by one, but at the same time :confused:

So, I still cannot remove the base class and keep the combo classes.

Ahh I see… well there can only be 1 class per element. All the others will be a duplicate. Yep, you’ll need to write down the CSS and put it on the “new” element.