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Extreme Basic Layout Question from Webflow Newbie

I added a Layout Sticky Nav , and by default it has a Nav grid with logo, nav link button ‘features’ , nav link button, Pricing and then Button Text.

I selected Feature, then did a copy paste because I want to make another one to its left side.
It pastes above the existing features and can not be dragged into position. I understand from watching many videos about this Box model concept, and rather than dragging over, there are other ways to build out the layout. It is totally not intuitive though, and I’m stuck. I can’t find a video that covers this.

I went to “edit grid” and thought, OK here I can drag things around. wrong… this area is equally as frustrating.

Can someone answer for me this question : what is the methodolgy for adding and placing a Nav link button. Lets say a new one to the left of the “features one” I see I can move around in the spacing tool.

I see the Nav button is a List item… I think to delete that. then add a normal text or text button, but it keeps saying no list items can’t be added to a list.

Hello! First, welcome to the community!

So any of the fellow webflowers can videw your site and understand what your problem is, you need to attache here your read only link.
here its how you get that link:

As I can’t see it now, it could be a lot of different things! But I’ll take a look when you share your link and we can work it out. It should be something really simple

Well, it’s sort of a limiting thing that you can’t have multiple sites in development , and so I can’t keep the site sitting idle. I described it in total detail. I went ahead and deleted everything inside the container and then added new buttons. These dropped in side to side. I just want to understand the best ways to get around the fact that you can not drag things around even within the boxes. It seems easier to build things vertically , but not as easy to build side to side.

i currently have a sticky nav, and a container with 3 buttons and a drop down. The left button is static with a slight left side pad. The drop down is set to relative and right side float. It looks correct in desktop viewing. But all other preview viewings it’s to the left of the other buttons and not on the right side of the container. This workflow style is special to be polite about it.

Often I’ve seen this in position after switching to relative, under it shows relative to itself. Why can’t this be changed to be relative to other things? Or can it? I can’t seem to change that. For example to be relative to another button. Or to the side of the browser window. That would be quite useful.

If you’re using Grid and having a bit of trouble wrapping your head around how you can organize content, I’d definitely recommend taking a bit of time to go through Webflow’s lesson below:

In terms of assisting you with other issues, it’s going to be hard for anyone to figure out what what the problem is without some sort of visual—even if it’s just screenshots. That said, most users here in the community are limited in their ability to help without a read-only link (which @ricardopah mentioned) as some problems are a little difficult to diagnose with just an image.

It’s totally okay if things change along the way, no one expects you to stop working on your project after you post a thread here in the community, so thankfully read-only links will automatically show the most recent version of the site unless you disable the link or click the “Create New Link” button—in which case the previous link will be unavailable.


Are you able to share some images or the read-only link by chance?