Cannot add production custom domain with cloudflare "The domain is already connected to a webflow site"

I’ve added the domain correctly and at first the ui shows that the “ is now configured”

but right after that it shows

and I cannot see anything under

I even checked all the records on cloudflare’s site

  • 2 A type records to @
  • 1 CNAME type record → | CNAME | www | | DNS only
  • 1 TXT type → TXT _webflow.www
  • 1 TXT type → TXT _webflow

There are two TXT for www and without it because I was trying both root domain and directly using www for the main site.

I don’t know what’s happening or what I am missing, I have tried this for like multiple different options and even waited 4-6 hours but the issue remains the same

If someone can help, will be really appreciated.

In the cloudflare A and CNAME records, make certain proxying ( orange cloud ) is off.

But the error you’re giving is a Webflow-side error, that says the domain has already been assigned to another Webflow site.

That suggests that either you have a second project you’ve assigned it to, or you’re seeing a system error and need to contact support.

@memetican the cloudflare proxy is off, and records are “DNS only”

IDK where to contact to webflow, there is no point in findings from where I can reach them.

Can you please point me to the same?

Sure, look top-right of this page, you’ll see “Support” there.

@memetican I did that multiple times but there seems to be no direct email support or chat support and I was only able to create a community post here.

If you can help with providing their email (if you are aware of it), would be really appreciated.

Webflow does not have a support email.
Click that support link, and then the big Get Support button, walk through the steps and then you’ll be able to submit a ticket to the right department.