DNS Configuration Problem..?

Hi all,

I have an SEO problem I can’t seem to sort with my Webflow site, it is:

Error - DNS configuration - Domain name with www and without www should be resolved to the same IP address.

In my domain hosting I have set the DNS as follows:

CNAME: www to proxy.webflow.com. and a blank A record to

In Webflow, I have the www site as default and all custom domain traffic is currently redirecting to www, including the non www version of the site…

So, as far as I can see, I have every boxed ticked but I still get this error in my SEO reports…

Would be grateful for any advice…?


Hi @topcat888

Sorry about that DNS issue :frowning: I"m happy to help :slight_smile:

Can you provide your site’s read-only link please?

Hi PixelGeek,

Here’s the link:



thanks :slight_smile: Can you tell me where you are seeing this error?

In an SEO report program that I use, here’s a screen shot of the error…

I thought I was doing that with the Webflow “All custom domain traffic is currently redirecting to…”

Hi @topcat888 - from an SEO perspective, that shouldn’t matter (at least to Google). Tons of massive websites have different DNS records for your WWW domain and their naked domain. Take facebook.com and www.facebook.com for example (#2 website in the world):

www.facebook.com.	3263	IN	CNAME	star.c10r.facebook.com.
facebook.com.		57	IN	A

ok, should I ignore it then…?

Yes, you can ignore this :smiley:

Ok, thanks for your advice… By the way, Webflow Rocks…! :+1:


hanks for the feedback! <3

You rock as well. :fist:

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