DNS Issues detected when connectin domain to Webflow

Hello All,

I connected the website domain to Webflow and some DNS issues were detected that I have no idea what went wrong.

Here are the screenshot of my issues and DNS setup:

I already have SSL certificate. However, with CMS plan, there is no way to upload the certificate.
Hence, I enter proxy.webflow.com instead of proxy-ssl.webflow.com as mentioned in this documentation.

Can someone help me on this issue? Thanks.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](https://preview.webflow.com/preview/priceloop-gmbh?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=priceloop-gmbh&preview=68ae6778bb8d21d52f424a996e8a9a22&workflow=preview)
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Hi Chan, Webflow automatically generates an SSL certificate for you, so don’t usually need your own.

If there’s a reason you do need to use your own SSL cert, you’d need to use the Enterprise plan, or you could setup something through a proxy, e.g.

PRICELOOP.AI → Cloudflare
Cloudflare is configured with your custom SSL cert

Cloudflare → Webflow e.g. BASE.PRICELOOP.AI
Configured without SSL

I haven’t tried this, but it works in my head, you’d need to dig through the docs and Cloudflare may require a paid plan for a custom SSL cert upload.

The TXT Record looks wrong to me.

That said, fixing that won’t solve your problem. You need to reach out to support if you want to add a custom SSL cert to Webflow (and not use theirs).

As for the option of terminating SSL somewhere outside of Webflow, the high-level idea is good. But using this to bypass Webflow SSL is a bad idea. Don’t do that.


:x: Web browser → Cloudflare (your SSL cert) → Webflow (no SSL)

All traffic from the termination point, like Cloudflare (using your custom cert) to Webflow is then unencrypted, and if you don’t have SSL turned on with Webflow, parts of Webflow won’t work. It’s basically required, and for good reason.

:white_check_mark: Web browser → Cloudflare (your SSL cert) → Webflow (default Webflow SSL)

That said, you could try terminating SSL in Cloudflare with your custom cert, then forward to Webflow using their default SSL cert.

Cloudflare has this setting (though, it may not work with Webflow):

Notice the “lock” icons. That’s what you want.

Here are their docs on it all.

Give it a try.

If all else fails Webflow will allow you to use your own, custom SSL cert, you just have to pay Webflow for that option. Reach out to them through support.

Hello @memetican,

Thanks for your answer. I thought we need to have it uploaded.

I changed both the DNS and TXT “value” back to " proxy-ssl.webflow.com" but the issue is not solved.

Should I change the TXT record to www instead of @?

Thank you @ChrisDrit for the information.
I think I will use Webflow’s SSL, it seems to be the best way.

However, the problem does not solve after I correct the value to " proxy-ssl.webflow.com ".

Do you have any idea how I should fix my TXT Record? Should I change the TXT record to www instead of @?

You should not have a TXT record:

Morning @ChrisDrit
Thank you very much for your quick response. I also found some info on this community saying that removing TXT record would not hurt anything, so I already deleted the TXT record an hour ago.

But the issue still remains.
Adding a TXT record is actually suggested by Webflow in the dashboard (Designer → Publishing)

Screenshot below:

I think I might need to contact them directly for this case (?)

Once you update your site to use Webflow’s SSL certs, it takes a bit to provision, often 1 to 2 hours.

I’m seeing your site fine-

Hey @memetican,

Thank you very much for your response!

Yes, the website works just the dashboard keeps showing the issues that bothers me.

The dashboard is showing that priceloop.ai is correctly connect while www.priceloop.ai has issues. Then I tried to set priceloop.ai as default but it returns error (because of too many redirects), so I can only set www.priceloop.ai as default.

And I also see the dramatically drop in organic traffic due to redirect issue (site with www and without) , so I am wondering if the issue is the cause.

UPDATED: the issue solved when I remove the A records and enter the value again.