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Can you link a Google sheet and have it update on your site automatically?


Im trying something fairly ambitious (well for me anyway) and i wondered if anyone has maybe done this before or knows of a service that does this that you can plug into webflow.

So my client would create an google sheet with multiple columns. This will be updated on a monthly basis.
The idea is that people can view this updated sheet every month on the live website.

Is there a service like Zapier that you could link to the google sheet that would display any updated content on the website. So to fire a trigger to say, ‘the google sheet has been updated, so display new content.’ I tried looking on Zapier but i didn’t see anything, and i’m not really sure what i’m looking for either.

Any suggestions? Thanks

You mean the sheet has to update without the page (site) being refreshed/reloaded in the user browser?

Or just that the sheet must be up to date any time you open/visit/consult the page?

If it’s the latter, it’s as simple as to embed the sheet in your page using custom code:

If it’s the former, you can either try to find some code that will do a live embed, or search for a javascript script that will refresh the iframe where the sheet is, every minute or so.

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Hi @vincent

Yes its just the sheet needs to be up to date any time you visit the page. Thats awesome though! Thanks i didn’t realise you could embed google sheets into your page.


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You can embed a real lot of things bfore having to rely to zappier or other services likes this :slight_smile: Glad it helped!

I guess the one down side is it’s going to look ugly, theres nothing pretty about a google sheet, but very functional for the client. Thanks!

It’s really an embed so there’s nothing preventing you to make it look nice: bigger cells, more subtle separators, colors and fonts… the sky is the limit.

Ye i suppose you’re right…it will largely be in the hands of my client though…so who knows what they do. haha