Google sheet database

Hey guys,
I have been looking into using webflow as a ‘live’ website. I would love to pull data into webflow from a googlesheet into the CMS and live update. Am I dreaming?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Not at all. Look into zapper or Integromat. You could also use the api, but that would require some programming knowledge.

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You can definitely do it with Zapier or Integromat.

I’m just putting it out there, but If you data was in Airtable instead of googlesheets, then I have a turn-key solution for you at PowerImporter. It’s a ready-to-run workflow that syncs Airtable to Webflow. You simply map your Airtable columns to your Webflow CMS collection fields, and all the complexity of keeping them in sync is done for you, e.g., converting column data, looking up ref/multi-ref fields, uploading images, etc.

But if you can’t migrate from Google Sheets, signup for PowerImporter and I’ll notify you when my Google Sheets to Webflow sync feature is ready (it’s on my roadmap).

Hey @Tufi_Sele! It’s been a while since this post, so I imagine you’ve already figured out a solution here, but if not lmk! We’re going to launch a Google Sheets x Webflow connection soon for Whalesync that will let you update Webflow data in real-time from GSheets. Would love to get you early access if interested.