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Google spreadsheet to CMS

Is there any way to use zapier to populate all the data on my google spreadsheet in my database?

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No, but it is not exactly

Can’t this be done in Zapier with update (live) item to Webflow?
I’ve been trying, but Zapier request a “Item ID” which i don’t have.

Anybody been trying to import (live) data from Google Spreadsheets to Webflow CMS?
This would be a gamechanger.

It seem like webflow is really lacking the triggers to really enable good workflows.

  • Updated item

  • New item

With these triggers we could get the ids of collections as the first step.

In my use-case i need the right (and working) actions.
» Detect Updated row(s) in Google Spreadsheets
» Put new rows/cells into (existing) live CMS items in Webflow.

That’s it.
But i’m missing an important “Item” value, which doesn’t exist anywhere.
(i’m thinking this has to do with Webflow and E-commerce)

For you the current triggers are:


Also both in line with e-commerce - i’m missing just regular triggers like you just proposed.

@icexuick- Was this against a regular collection or Ecommerce products?

The screenshot is from Zapier. I would like to connect Google Spreadsheet to Webflow, to a regular collection.

I have been able to use zapier to add a live item when a new column has been updated successfully, however I cannot find out how to update. If data is changed (updated) in any particular cell it is sent to webflow creating a duplicate. I am new to this intergration, am I doing something wrong. I don’t want all the duplicates…

@POWWOW - You need to have an existing item ID value mapped to each row in your spreadsheet for updates and zapier needs to bind on that. The _ID value is unique and created by webflow on record creation. So when you create a new entry, you don’t know what that is.

I usually make a call via the API that fetches all the items in a collection.

Then I convert the JSON response to CSV. I use that to populate the Google Sheet. I then set the ID column as the match in zapier for updates.

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Thank you very much for your recommendation. I have been able to update live items with no problem using The Item_ID value which I was able to pull using postman and the api info you described. I then updated each cell with the proper item_ID.

I have created 2 zaps.

  • (Scenario 01) Trigger only updates if finds any update in any column which has a filter added to only continue if particular cell in google sheet cell item_ID exsists.

  • (Scenario 02) Trigger creates live item if new row has been created in google sheet. This also has a filter but this filter only continues if cell item_ID does not exsist.

What I am wondering is there any way to go backwards? Like if scenario 2 completes is there a way to have webflow update the google sheet with the new item_ID or do I have to manually update this every time?

Hopefully this makes sense.

Thanks for your help.

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@POWWOW - I think you need to do it manually with Zapier. I really don’t use zapier other than for helping people work through issues. I prefer to just use the API directly. I am pretty sure that over time you should see more triggers so this could happen. Hopefully someone at webflow is working with them. I would suggest making this visible over on Zapier’s side. Maybe in forums or as a request.

You are quite welcome.

do you have an example that I could work from please?
I am at square 1 with the API’s but what I am trying to achieve is:

  • have the content of certain cells in a google sheet appear on my website (through my webflow CMS)
    any specific help you could offer would be amazing! Thanks :slight_smile: