Text content from Google Doc / Spreadsheet updating journal live?


Still trying to develop / design the layout structure for my own portfolio website. The key being presenting my own work (way of thinking) allowing the viewer to filter and find exactly what aspect they are after… but also to act as a pin up board for myself to but up all ideas no matter how developed or sketchy. Part of that involves a text portion… say a journal… it would be nice if I could very easily edit a text document on my phone (say through Google Docs) and have this automatically format / update on my website in a sort of formatted way as an input to the style of my site. Is this possible? When I upgraded to CMS I thought it was possible to use a spread sheet to input fields for CMS… is it possible to link a file that exists somewhere that is constantly updating and being added to mysite … without me having to be at my desktop and using webflow directly.

I’m not really sure how to describe it or what to call it to search to see if it is possible?
Any advice would be helpful - thanks!

You can use Zapier to integrate Google Sheets Update Item to Webflow. Unfortunately, they don’t support Google Docs update.

I guess you can write on Google docs and update the Google sheets with the new journal entry?

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Thanks for this - I didn’t know the right terminology and this sets me in the right direction
Very helpful.