Best way to edit website later with own hosting?

Many of my clients want to use their own hosting platform. This causes a problem for edits needed later. What is the best way to make future edits of exported webflow sites that use Bluehost (or hosting company other than webflow) It would be good to just make quick changes in the webflow creator but it seems that would not be possible unless hosted by webflow?

What is the best way to integrate wordpress for blogging with webflow?

this is where the power of Webflow really shines. Have you already told your client about the benefits about hosting on Webflow?

If not, you should tell them:

  • sites are backed up on secure Amazon Web Servers
  • sites are served through the CDN (the same that The Guardian uses)
  • they can use the Webflow CMS editor which makes maintaining a website SO much easier than any other CMS platform
  • publish their site directly without the need for a separate FTP program

If your client is still insistent on using an external host, you’ll either need to update the site for them each time, or configure the site code to become a template for a different CMS platform.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Making edits to your exported files can be done directly in the index.html sitting on your host server, and saving it. This works reasonably well for me with small changes. And, of course, as long as I know how to type the code. Whenever doing this, however, be sure to make the same changes in your Webflow project, so they’ll be included in your next export.

For bigger changes like with CSS or multiple pages, you can always make them in Webflow, re-export, and re-upload to your host. This works well for me, because Hostinger (equivalent to Blue Host) accepts the intact zip file that Webflow exports, in one click.

For attaching WordPress (I wouldn’t call it integrating) to a Webflow-built site, consider this hack: I have seen nice sites built with Bootstrap, except the Blog page was actually a link to a subdomain containing a Wordpress site styled similarly to the other pages.


Hey, what about the EU clients? Are you aware of the GDPR requirements? Right now Webflow is not GDPR compliant. I cannot sell it to my clients in the EU, since you host in the US…

Webflow is already GDPR compliant:

But if there are still some features that you feel aren’t compliant, can you please let me know which ones?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Hi! Webflow sites are hosted in the US (a big no-go for many European clients, who want/need to host in the EU to comply with the GDPR).

For me it’s a huge no-go…

Theoretically, I could export the code and host it somewhere else, but it won’t work for many clients. Most people would prefer to use Wordpress, since they can edit their website without asking the developer. It’s impossible with WF. And the forms won’t work with exported sites…

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Hey thx for the feedback.
the EU-US Privacy Shield will most probably be revoked:
So it is not really GDPR compliant. We simply need an option to host in the EU to avoid possible problems in the future. It would be much BETTER if we could choose where to host. That would settle it.
Some clients simply prefer to host everything in the EU regardless of the GDPR.

On the “preparing for the GDPR” page it’s written that Webflow was planing to: “audit all our vendors that store or process personal data to ensure they’re on track with preparing for the GDPR”
Any updates on it? I guess Webflow is using Fastly. Another data processor. Other vendors?

Webflow is also automatically scales, compresses, and optimises images for every device. It’s data processing. Perhaps a third party service is being used here too (Imgix?).

I would like to see more updates on the Webflow’s compliance with the GDPR.

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Personally I host elsewhere but still use Webflow to make edits. When I publish a site to a domain I just have a script that clones the site and deploys it to be hosted elsewhere. Requires some scripting knowledge but works well.


Hi! Could you tell us more about the script?

In fully understand your opinion about “Own hosting”.

On the other side, experiencing situations, when a provider is suddenly is discontinuing support for a former PHP version with an pre announcement time of 8 weeks and without any option to grandfather this for an extra price. In my case this was concerning several website installations of clients. And the involved developer estimated a very complex and expensive scenario to update the concerned sites, anyway not in 8 weeks. Switching this installations to another provider was the only interims solution.

It’s even possible to earn money with things like this. But this can be stressful and bigger installations will need a more complex planning, anyway it is not the best way to impress your clients.

For me, latest at this point Webflow comes in the game. No need to talk to clients about the need for website maintanance, not worring about technology, just focussing on the project itself, the design, the content, the communication possibilities.

I made a video on this, probably explains it better than I can here


Hi Chuck,

I’m just getting started, and was wondering if things still run ok if you export the code of your main site, even if that site has links to other subsequent sites from the same company. I believe they use CMS collections for this if i’m not mistaken? Is it as easy as just editing the changes after exporting the code or is there an alternative to using CMS collections for this result.

I’m a Hostinger user as well! How does the exporting work if you want a new blog post updated? Is it still re-export, re-upload process?

I’ve used Udesly to do some exports and it works pretty nicely. Exports out to Wordpress, Shopify, and even the more trendy 11ty powered JAMstack setup. I have to admit it takes every bone in my body to try and not edit the css / html once it’s exported, but if you get used to this workflow it’s not the worst. I like to think of Webflow as chrome dev tools on speed. Anyhoo I don’t work for these guys or anything, but if you are a dev in need of some DevOps automation this tool does the trick.