Can you create an Email Newsletter in Webflow?


I have a client looking to me to both design, and code a monthly email newsletter.

Is there any reason you couldn’t do that in Webflow?

It appears all I need to do is supply the HTML and they’ll take care of the rest. Can I use Webflow to do this?


In this case, yes. You just need a paid Workspace plan ( not a Site plan ) and you can build and export site HTML with that.

Note that email HTML has a lot of “rules” that conventional HTML does not. Limited elements- generally no form elements, etc. Also all styles must be applied within style tags. In short, email templates are a pain.

But as long as they know that, they can modify the HTML accordingly to apply those styles. I’ve built tools in the past that determine calculated styles and then turn them into style attributes, you should be able to find professional tools that do this.

As memetican wrote, there are certain rules to follow when using html in emails which; Therefor when I need to code a html email I use mjml.
It has a simple syntax and let’s you export the code to plain html, which then can be used to send to the recipients.
The generated code is also responsive :slight_smile:
I like to use it as a plugin to VSCode but there is also a online editor:

Thanks @memetican and @Fux!

Maybe I’m wrong here, but it sounds like you’re saying two different things.

@memetican is saying you can sort of do this, but the code would still need to be altered from what Webflow gives you… Essentially saying Webflow can not give you Email ready code. On a related note, what difference does having a “Workspace” plan make for this this than a “Site” plan?

@Fux : If I understand you correctly, you don’t use Webflow to build Client Emails, you build/code them directly in mjml, bypassing Webflow entirely?

Thanks for your help!

@robertt8 - Webflow is not a suitable tool to build HTML for email campaign use. All you need to do is understand the lack of support for various HTML/CSS features in most mail clients. There is a reason that email service providers exist.

As Arno and Jeff note, I like to make tools do things they aren’t designed for. You can get from a Webflow design to a quality email template, but it’s a Gandalf experience where you have to leap across the chasm and defeat the Balrog.

I enjoy that, but it’s not a practical way to do business.
A better answer would have been “technically, yes, but it is in no way practical.” and “you’d need to find some tools that convert standard HTML to email-compliant HTML.” That staff may not even exist commercially.

Check out Arno’s answer, but as Jeff points out, you won’t find many email platforms that let you import custom templates. You’d either use a builder, or pre-defined wireframes, and then attach your campaign data. All that heavy lifting is already done, and you can get a better result for far fewer hours invested.

On the related note, Workspace Plans define your design-time capabilities on unhosted sites. For some reason, the code export feature is only available on paid workspace plans, even for sites on which you have a paid site plan.

sorry for the late answer: I do not use webflow do design such emails and as @memetican pointed out, that you might not be able to use it in email marketing services.
My use case is that I design them using MJML and use them in a self developed email service. Therefore I’m able to easily import / use the html exported from MJML.

So if you don’t want to mess with all of that, I recommend to follow @memetican recommendation to use a email platform and save those hours.