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Designing newsletters for Mailchimp inside Webflow

Is it possible? My main concern is that most bit companies use tables (tr, td) for their newsletters and it is definitely for a reason.

Webflow is really good without a doubt. Did anyone try to succesfully design an e-mail in Webflow and export it inside Mailchimp?

Thank you.

At this time, you cannot design HTML emails within Webflow. Webflow is specifically designed to render code for modern browsers across different modern devices.

HTML Emails is a whole other type of industry and code base. I would suggest using a platform that specifically is made for HTML emails like MailChimp or Constant Contact.

Good luck with your proejct(s)! :slightly_smiling:

If you’re looking for a good service to convert your design to an email you might like to check out

I’m in no way affiliated with them but I’ve dealt with them in the past and they’re great!

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